How to “draw” in Blender

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Behold artistic skill....
Most people just use the Windows program paint, but if you are a Blender user then it could have crossed your mind to try to “paint” in Blender. In this tutorial I will show you how to draw/paint. Now if your ready then lets get started!
First open Blender and delete the cube. Then go to top view (num pad 7) and change the screen from default to UV editing (pic 1). Then change the right panel to properties and go to the texture panel. Now push the “new” button on the bottom of the screen and change the color to white then press ok (pic 2). Now change the editing content from “view” to “paint” and on the left panel change the color to what ever you like. Now just hold down the left mouse button on the white box and now you can paint! One last thing, if you want to make your picture look 3D then all you have to do is make a new texture on the right panel.












<-pic 1









<-pic 2




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