The Zorange Studios mascot!

Widio is the Zorange Studios mascot and is what I will use to test new rigs, materials, textures and anything that needs to be tested.

Why name him Widio?

Widio went through lots of names before being named that. Originally he wasn't a turtle, he was a humanoid character named Bill. I didn’t like how the character looked, so I started over. This time I made him a turtle, but the name Bill didn’t fit anymore. I was then going to name him Teco but as the character mesh developed the name didn’t fit. The entire time my mom had been calling him Widio (What I Did Instead Of) because every chance I got I was working on him. After a while, the name “Widio” grew on me.

About him

I got the idea to make a Turtle because in the story "The tortoise and the hare", the tortoise (spoilers!) wins even though he is slower then the hare. I think that the story goes well with the slogan
"nothing Is impossible"